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Saturday, April 14, 2012

How Many Creatures Live on Earth?

As many as 11 million species could be living on the planet!

There are approximately 1.9 million species known to be on Earth (see our list below). However, the total number of species on the planet is estimated to be much higher. To date all creatures have not been discovered!

The oldest living COLONIAL creature on Earth known to date is the Leiopathes sp.(that's the jellyfish family). It was discovered in a deep sea reef near HAWAII in 2009 and dated at 4,265 years old. Also discovered was a 2,742 year old gold coral.

oldest clam
The oldest living animal creature known was Harriet, a giant tortoise who
celebrated her 175th birthday in 2005. She was the pet of naturalist Charles Darwin, who brought her from the Galapagos Island in 1835. She died in 2006.
Now, what is the oldest living animal, you ask? According to Treehugger, an ocean quahog clam, named "Ming" (after the Chinese dynasty in power when it was born), has laid claim to the title of "world's longest-lived animal" at around 405 years.

Endangered Species

KingDom Says Endangered Species Is A Bad Habitat to Break!

pandaEndangered species are creatures that are at risk of becoming extinct. That means they could some day disappear! That happens because they are at risk of dying out or threatened by the changing environment. Not only are animals at risk but plant life is also at risk.
In the last 150 years we have had a higher rate of extinction and we believe it could be due to the changes on earth. Not only do species become extinct or endangered for natural causes, but for a number of other reasons. The primary cause is the destruction of habitat by human activities.
These activities are:
  • Over exploitation of the species by hunting
  • Over population and overbuilding which takes away their natural habitat
  • Pollution threatens their natural habitat and food supply
  • The animal trade for illegal wildlife and for valuable items such as Ivory
endangered species mapSome governments have made special laws to protect animals, such as hunting laws and building laws. They are also are making an effort to construct natural preserves for creatures to live in. Perhaps you have been to a nature preserve near you?
There are too many plants and animals on the endangered species list for us to list them all--They vary by category, state, country, and region of the world.
Check out some of the following links for more complete and detailed information.
Remember, every creature on earth has a role in the environment and the world in which they live. Each one is important, so we don't want to lose any!

Recorded Species Chart:

Total number of species known to exist now in the world.

Category Species / Totals
Vertebrate Animals 
Mammals: 5,416 
Birds: 9,956
Reptile:s 8,240
Amphibian:s 6,199
Total Vertebrates: 59,811
- - - - - - -
Invertebrate Animals 
Insects 950,000 
Molluscs 81,000
Crustaceans 40,000
Corals 2,175
Others 130,200
Total Invertebrates 1,203,375
- - - - - - -
Flowering plants (angiosperms) 258,650 
Conifers (gymnosperms) 980
Ferns and horsetails 13,025
Mosses 15,000
Red and green algae 9,671
Total Plants 297,326
- - - - - - -
Lichens 10,000 
Mushrooms 16,000
Brown algae 2,849
Total Others 28,849
Last updated 2007
Care and take care
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